New Horror Game Series Coming From Makers Of Until Dawn

New Horror Game Series Coming From Makers Of Until Dawn

Until Dawn is one of my favorite PlayStation 4 exclusives. As a huge horror fan, in general, it was a game I gravitated to very easily. Well, the folks at Supermassive Games have announced that they have a new series of horror themed games coming called, The Dark Pictures Anthology.

The Dark Pictures Anthology is going to be a series of games, each one will have a horror theme and like Until Dawn, the things that you do in the game will shape the outcome of what takes place. I love this style of game and to me, it is as close to being in an interactive movie as we can get. 

The first game in this new series is scheduled for release in 2019 and is called, The Man of Medan. At Gamescom in Germany, a trailer was shown, but it did not give a whole lot away. What we know is that there is a group of divers who are checking out an old shipwreck from World War II. What starts off as a somewhat routine dive turns into sheer terror as what lies down there comes after them. Like Until Dawn, you will be taking control of multiple characters which is something that made Until Dawn very interesting. 

While The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of games, we know that each game will be its own thing. I am actually pretty cool with this as while at the time I really wanted a sequel to Until Dawn, I like the way the game turned out. Plus there were multiple ways that game could have ended and I am sure The Man of Medan is going to be the same. 

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