My New Years With Final Fantasy VII

My New Years With Final Fantasy VII

As I write this it is December 31st, New Year’s Eve. I thought I would have a little fun talking about one of my favorites…. And actually, now that I think about it, this is my only New Year’s Even gaming memory.

It was 1997, I had just gotten Final Fantasy VII for Christmas the week before. I was 16 years old and Christmas was a huge deal in my family and as I grew up in Scotland so was New Year’s! So I did not get as much time to play Final Fantasy VII as little 16 year old me would have liked.

Thankfully, I got really sick a few days after Christmas…. Did I say thankfully? Well yes, I did and that is because I was so sick my folks said that if I was not well enough to go to my grandparents big New Year’s Eve party I did not have to. I did not even think about staying home because I was sick, I thought about staying home to play Final Fantasy VII, in the living room on the big TV!

Now yes this sounds bad, but it was only one New Year’s Eve. I had a ton before it and I had a ton after! Anyway, my parents and siblings left for my grandparents at around 7 PM and I was straight on the PlayStation, dragging it into the living room, turning up the stereo (we had surround sound even back in 97) and I played that game until around 1 in the morning. I got all the way to the Golden Saucer during this session and I spent a couple of hours there just screwing around, playing all of the games.

It was a great gaming memory and a memory that is sure as hell better than the one I would have had if I had gone to the New Year’s Eve party at my grandparents. Final Fantasy VII was such an important game for me. While I was only 16 years old, this would be the last RPG that I remember having this kind of free time to put into. When the other Final Fantasy games followed this I had college, a job and other things (like a girlfriend) getting in the way of my gaming.

Final Fantasy VII is one of my favorite games of all time and when I think about it I always think back to when I was sick as a dog, but super happy as I had the whole house to myself to play it on New Year’s Eve 1997.

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