Most Wanted Canceled Video Games

Most Wanted Canceled Video Games

It really sucks when there is a game you are excited about, you read previews, watch videos and then…. It gets canceled. This has happened a few times for me over the years and I wanted to share with you the canceled games that I really wish happened.


The Avengers

This game really took me by surprise and over the years more and more video has leaked of it and each video that leaks makes me wish this game was released even more. It was being made to tie in with the first Avengers movie and rather than being a standard, 3rd person action game like you would think. The Avengers was going to be a first-person style game! It looked really interesting and unlike any other Marvel game, we have ever seen.


WWF Armageddon

I love all of the AKI Nintendo 64 wrestling games, especially WWF No Mercy which was the last WWF game to be released on the Nintendo 64. Well, there was a lot of talk that another game in the series, WWF Armageddon was being planned. I actually worked in a video game store during this time and we even had this on the upcoming schedule from THQ, along with a Game Boy Color game called, Road To Armageddon. It was already 2000 when No Mercy came out so the Nintendo 64 was on its last legs so THQ pulled the plug on any future WWF games for the system. 


Star Wars 1313

Man, this game looked awesome. A Star Wars game that saw you playing as a young Boba Fett! This was being made by Lucas Arts and it was one of the casualties of when Disney purchased Star Wars. We got a breathtaking trailer for the game and I do not think there was a Star Wars fan on the planet who was not excited about this game. From what we knew of the game, you would be taking on different missions and bounties on the planet of Coruscant. 


These are my picks for canceled games that I would love to have seen released, but what about you guys? 

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