Looking Forward To Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta!

Looking Forward To Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta!

As I am a huge Star Wars fan I pre ordered Star Wars Battlefront 2 a couple of months back. Well just over the last weekend, they sent me my code that is going to allow me access to the beat a few days early. If you have not pre ordered the game do not worry as the beta is going to be open to everyone during the weekend of 13th of October.

From what I understand there are going to be four game modes available. When the last Battlefront was released I played a ton of Drop Zone during the beta and that resulted in that mode being my favorite when the game was released. Anyway, I wanted to share my thoughts on each of the modes that are part of this beta.

Galactic Assault

I think this is the main, team Deathmatch kind of mode. It is going to be battles that involve teams of 20 players. The setting for this looks pretty cool as it is all going down on Naboo, the capital city Theed no less. So I am sure it is going to be fun, I am actually interested to see if the environments are destructible in this mode.

Starfighter Assault

Man, I really wanted to love the space battles in the last Battlefront game, especially the Death Star one, but I suck at flying in video games. I am hopeful that I will be a bit better this time around. One thing I will say is that even though I suck at modes like this, I do have a lot of fun. But out of the four modes, this will be the one I spend the least amount of time with.


I am not really sure what to make of Strike. From what I have read it is going to be smaller 8 vs 8 battles that have different objectives. I am hoping that this is going to be kind of like Drop Zone. One thing that sounds cool is that in the beat, we will be fighting from the castle in Takodana from The Force Awakens.


Arcade is another mode I am a little bit confused about. From what I gather this is where you can set up your own kind of matches. I am sure this is going to be a lot of fun for some people, but I am more of a just jump online and get into someone else’s game kind of player. Still, I might have a mess around with this as it does say it is mission based which I always like.

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