Looking Back At The Transformers Cybertron Series

Looking Back At The Transformers Cybertron Series

Today I want to talk to you about two of my favorite games from the last console generation, Transformers War For Cybertron and Transformers Fall Of Cybertron. Growing up in the 80’s I was a huge Transformers fan, but for some reason, Transformers and video games really did not mix much. I had a game for my dad’s ZX Spectrum, but I never had any Transformers games on console until the days of the PlayStation 2.

I actually have liked the three games based on the Transformers movies, but in 2010, Activision released Transformers War For Cybertron. It told the story of how Cybertron fell and how the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons really heated up. It was a fantastic 3rd person shooter that let you play as a ton of different Transformers and the story (for a Transformers fan) was so full of fan service it made me giddy like a school girl the whole time I played it.

Two years later in 2012, Activision released a sequel, Fall Of Cybertron which so far is the greatest Transformers game ever made. It may not have given you as much choice when it came to playing as Transformers as its predecessor did, but it was a far better game with better controls, more ammo and best of all the freaking Dinobots! The story once again was fantastic and for a Transformers fan seeing them treated with such respect was awesome. Despite not being a huge online gamer, I did actually play a lot of this game online and had a blast doing so.

There is a third game that is loosely tied into this series, Rise Of The Dark Spark. The idea here was that it mixed the games from the movies with the Cybertron series. I picked this up for PlayStation 4 day of release and to be fair it was not bad at all. But it was nowhere near as good as Fall Of Cybertron. But, Rise Of The Dark Spark did have a very fun online mode and I would say that if you are into Transformers it is well worth playing.

While some people think that Transformers Devastation is the be all and end all of Transformers video games (and it is great) I still think that the Cybertron series is the best way to experience Transformers.

I would love to see both War For Cybertron and Fall Of Cybertron re-released in a collection for PS4 and Xbox One!

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