Looking Back At The PlayStation 3

Looking Back At The PlayStation 3

I read a very interesting article on IGN about the PlayStation 3 and how Sony learned a great deal from the PlayStation 3. It really is an interesting read and it was like they had to go through the PlayStation 3 in order to get brought back down to Earth and give us the PlayStation 4.

I thought today I would share my thoughts on the PlayStation 3. I remember that weird boomerang controller and the odd shape of the console. I actually had a buddy who was all in on this new controller and thought it was cool they were doing something different.

When the console was first released the asking price was just insane. It was like 3DO level expensive and that right off the bat put many people off. To be fair, Sony packed in a Blu-Ray player which at the time was expensive cutting edge technology. It was backwards compatible and in general, it cost a lot to make so they had to have that high price tag.

The high price tag actually put me off getting a console at launch. The PlayStation 3 was the first console since the original PlayStation that I did not buy in the launch window. I think it took me nearly a year to pull the plug on a PlayStation 3.

I was impressed with the Blu-Ray player and as I had an HDTV (a 720p one) it looked better than anything I had seen before. But the console at first had some issues with me. First of all the original PS3 controller did not have DualShock and it felt super, super cheap. I hated the R2 and L2 buttons as they felt so sensitive. Also, it felt like every time I wanted a quick gaming session or to watch a movie, the console needed to update.

I liked the PlayStation 3, but the install times of some games (which are a lot shorter than what we have today!) the fact that developers had a hard time making games for it compared to the 360 and of course the initial price all made gaming on the 360 so much easier.

Still, the PlayStation 3 did have some amazing exclusives for it. Uncharted, God of War, Heavenly Sword, Heavy Rain, and Little Big Planet are the ones that spring to my mind. The PlayStation 3 is a great console, but I think Sony tried to do a little too much with it. In many ways, it is kind of like what Xbox tried to do with their Xbox One.

I think that if the PlayStation 3 had not happened the way that it did, Sony may never have gotten their eye back on the ball and put gamers and games first like they have done this current console generation.

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