Looking Back At Past World Cup Video Games

Looking Back At Past World Cup Video Games

In case you are living under a rock, the World Cup is happening right now. I currently live in England and grew up In Scotland so football (or soccer if you are American) is something that has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.

This year was very interesting in that EA instead of releasing a video game to coincide with the World Cup would instead give everyone who owned Fifa 18 a free update that put the World Cup into the game. It is pretty full on as well so I was very happy to see them offer this for free….. but I must admit I kind of wish they made a separate World Cup game. Why would I want this? Well going back to World Cup Italia 90, I actually own every World Cup game that has been released since then!

While it was not the first game to be based on the World Cup. World Cup Italia 90 was the first game that I actually had. It was released for the Sega Mega Drive and was a ton of fun at the time. It was a bit rough to play, but once you got the hang of it, it was great and it was actually made by Sega themselves.

The next World Cup, World Cup USA 94 had a tie-in game made by the folks at US Gold and it sucked.

By the time the 1998 France World Cup came around, Fifa had become the world’s number one football game and EA had the rights to make games based on the World Cup. What is interesting about this is that we actually got two games about the 1998 World Cup and both of them were by EA! Instead of Fifa 98 following on from Fifa 97. EA instead called the game Fifa Road To The World Cup 98. As well as featuring all the club teams it also allowed you to play the 1998 World Cup including the qualification process.

EA was not done though as they still decided to release an actual game called World Cup 98 just a few months later. It was a fine game, but not a patch on the game they released a few months early.

Since France 98, EA has released a game to go with each and every World Cup (and the European Championships) I have actually enjoyed them all and while you could argue that they are a cash grab and pointless if you have that year’s Fifa game. I love the pageantry of the World Cup and that is something no matter if you like them or not, EA has always captured very well.

I have really enjoyed what EA did with their World Cup 2018 DLC and I am sure many folks love how it was free (gotta love that Star Wars Battlefront II damage control EA are still doing!) I really wish that they made a retail version for my collection. 

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