Logitech G602: Best Wireless Mouse for League of Legends

Logitech G602: Best Wireless Mouse for League of Legends

For any avid gamer, a good quality gaming mouse is a crucial part to playing at your optimum level. Whether it be a free and easy game such as The Sims, or an intense and competitive battle like League of Legends, the mouse you use affects not only your enjoyment, but also your skill.

For a tense and combative game like LoL, every move matters. You depend on your team and they depend on you - everyone's raged at that idiot who clearly had never played their champ before. To give yourself the best chance at success, it's important to find the right mouse for you.

To make it an even playing field, we're only going to consider wireless mouses; wires can only impede your gameplay! Indeed, for a casual player some of the options available are a bit costly; a moderately-priced, wireless and technologically sound mouse is what we're after.

An immediate frontrunner would be the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum, endorsed by PCGamer as having the "best click feedback of any gaming mouse we've used." It glides divinely, and ensures a sleek and enjoyable gaming experience.

However, although it may be the clear option at first, do you actually need a 30-hour battery life for a relatively short game like LoL? Moreover, do you really need to spend £80 on an arguably over-complicated device? There are more cost-effective alternatives to be had.

If we go to the other end of the spectrum as far as price is concerned, we find options such as the E-Blue Cobra Advanced Wireless. For under £20 it would seem like a bargain. However, it's rather heavy and clunky. What's more, most major gaming websites suggest that a good DPI (dots per inch) for a game like LoL would be 2000. This mouse only goes up to 1750 at best - next!

A good option would be the SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse. This is a beautiful and well-designed model that truly glides over the surface. It's light, and can survive more than 30 million clicks in a lifetime. However, it's again for most people far too expensive, at over £80 pounds. Whilst in an ideal world this would be great, realistically we have decided upon...

vThe Logitech G602. It's DPI is at a very solid figure of 2500, whilst it lasts up to 1440 hours. What's more, it has advanced technology to ensure absolute accuracy when playing - an absolute must for detailed games like LoL.

It's also multi-purpose, with two modes: endurance or performance - this enables the user to play a vast range of games aside from LoL. In addition, users have responded very positively, calling it comfortable and easy to get used to - it has a customer rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon! And let's not forget its price... less than £50!

Therefore we would suggest that the Logitech G602 is indeed the best choice for the average gamer, due to its flexibility, strength and versatility. And if you've got the money, the SteelSeries option wouldn't be a bad bet either!

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