Kingdom Come: Deliverance Has A Monster Day One Patch

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Has A Monster Day One Patch

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game that has been on many people’s radar for a while now. Actually, it is very close to four years since this game was first announced so it has been a while. For those that do not know, think of this as an open world medieval-style RPG.

I know that you will be thinking of Skyrim right now, but while this has that medieval style, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has a more realistic approach with no dragons, dungeons or any kind of fantastical beasts at all! This got many people excited who wanted something that offered a medieval experience that was a little more realistic.

It certainly sounds very interesting, especially the way you will need to craft your weapons. However, while the game is out now, you will still have a wait to play this as with most other big games, there is a day one patch. This is no small day one patch either it is a monster 20 GB (well actually it has been said it is probably more!) day one patch that you will need to download on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC patch is supposedly about as big, but you may get lucky if you download the game a few days later as it will be the patched version that you get.

A lot of the data that is actually on the disc will be replaced by this patch. Smoother animations and graphics, balancing issues addressed, numerous bugs fixed and quests made better. There is no denying that they have been busy making sure that the game is as good as can be, but still a day one patch of this size that pretty much reworks the game is a sign of the sad gaming state we live in. What if you have capped internet? What if you are one of the few people who refuse to connect their console online? What if you buy this game a few years down the line and the patch is no longer available online?

To me, a patch like this, on one hand, is great, but really what is the point of the disc? I am actually looking forward to playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I like the idea of being able to do what I want, but having the realism play a role in what I can actually do…… However, like many of you, there is no way in hell that this patch will have downloaded in time for me to actually be able to play the game on release day. 

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