Jurassic World Evolution And The Best Jurassic Park Games

Jurassic World Evolution And The Best Jurassic Park Games

I was one of the people who wanted a physical copy of Jurassic World Evolution so unlike the lucky folks who have been playing it digitally, I still have to wait until next week before I can make my own Jurassic Park and unleash a horde of hungry dinos on the people who have paid to come to my park.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of my favorite Jurassic Park games. I vividly remember Christmas of 1993 and getting Jurassic Park for the Super Nintendo. I had seen the game in all the magazines and was very excited it looked kind of like Zelda, had awesome first person sections (at the time they were awesome) and looked way better than the boring and unoriginal side-scroller that Sega was getting…… well Sega got the better part of that deal because the lack of a save game feature made Jurassic Park on the SNES a huge waste of time!

Anyway, in the spirit of Jurassic World Evolution here are some of my favorite Jurassic Park games.

Jurassic Park Sega Master System

When the first movie came out in terms of video games no one cared what the NES or Sega Master System had going on. However, if you ask me the Sega Master System got the best game based on the original Jurassic Park…. I mean that and I am not trying to be hip! The game lets you pick a section of the park and a dinosaur to go after. Each level sees you start in a jeep where you have to stop dinosaurs attacking it and then a boss from attacking it. then you move onto an action stage and then finally you take on the boss. It is an absolute blast and actually one of my favorite games on the Sega Master System. 

Jurassic Park III Park Builder

Jurassic Park III actually had a couple of games on the Game Boy Advance and not many people know about this hidden gem. It is like an old school version of what we have with Jurassic World Evolution. In many ways, it is like Theme Park crossed with Jurassic Park and I was hooked on it. As well as running the park a huge part of this game is sending teams across the globe to find you more dino DNA so that you can have more attractions at your park. This game is a blast and well worth tracking down or even playing on an emulator. If you loved the 16-bit versions of Theme Park, you will get a huge kick out of this. 

Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

As a game collector I very rarely sell my games, but on occasion, I get worn down by a fellow collector and let something go that I end up regretting. My copy of Jurassic Park Operation Genesis on the original Xbox is a prime example of that. This is a bigger and better version of what I loved with Jurassic Park III Park Builder. What I like about this game is that while creating your own Jurassic Park is the main goal. You also have plenty of missions to do like taking photos and protecting certain dinosaurs and so on. I really wish I never let my buddy talk me into selling him this game, but at the time he was trying to compete his Jurassic Park game collection so he wore me down! This game is not exactly cheap these days and the STEAM version actually has people modding it which is cool. 

I think if I had to pick a favorite Jurassic Park game it would actually be the Sega Master System version (which is also on Game Gear) of the first movie. However, I am super pumped for my copy of Jurassic World Evolution so maybe that will become my new favorite?

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