It Is Time For Dino Crisis To Return!

It Is Time For Dino Crisis To Return!

Thanks to the huge success that has been the Jurassic World movies, dinosaurs are once again cool. I think that makes this the perfect time for the folks at Capcom to bring back Dino Crisis.

This is a series that I loved back in the day. The first Dino Crisis game was released on the PlayStation and the Sega Dreamcast and it was very similar to what the original Resident Evil games were. It was a survival horror game, but instead of horror and zombies, it was sci-fi and dinosaurs….. and a bit of horror as well.

It was Dino Crisis 2 that really blew me away and I would actually put it on my top 10 of all-time list, it was that good. Dino Crisis 2 was only released on the PlayStation as well as the PC. It was much more action based than the first game. You moved at a quicker pace, the guns were better and it felt like there were way more dinosaurs to kill. Plus it had this really cool combo and high score system that was a blast.

The story was even better and it let you play as Regina from the first game as well as a new character, Dylan. Due to an “accident”, a research facility and a small town are sent back to prehistoric times and you are sent back to investigate. I loved the story of Dino Crisis 2 and it kind of ended on a cliffhanger so I was super excited to find out what happened next.

Only that never happened as for some reason Dino Crisis 3 was set really far into the future, in outer space and the whole game takes place on a space station! It looks like a million bucks thanks to the power of the original Xbox. However, Dino Crisis 3 is a really hard game to enjoy. A horrible camera and a case of “where the hell do I go?” make it a more frustrating than a fun experience.

Capcom did also release a light gun shooter Dino Stalker that was set around the events of Dino Crisis 2. This is not a bad game, but not exactly what people wanted from the series.

It has been nearly 15 years since Dino Crisis 3 was released! I think that now is the time for Capcom to dust this series off and bring it back!

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