Is The PlayStation 5 Closer Than We Think?

Is The PlayStation 5 Closer Than We Think?

If you have been reading gaming news the last week or so you will have heard a lot of talk about chip production ramping up. I am not talking about Pringles here! But chips that could be used to power the PlayStation 5!

Many sources have reported this and at best it seems like a stretch to compare the two if you ask me. However, many people are putting this together and are saying that this is the early stages of putting together a batch of video game consoles. 

The PlayStation 4 just recently announced that sales have started to slow down a little, but the console has also sold an incredible 75 million plus units. Sony has had phenomenal success with their PlayStation 4. They came out of the gates swinging, became the market leader right away and they have never looked back. Some say that they have Xbox to thank for this for their disastrous intentions for the Xbox One before it launched. 

Anyway, while we all know that Sony is, of course, working on their next PlayStation console, whether or not these chips are for it is yet to be 100 percent confirmed. I for one think that the console must be at least two, three years off. Sony no doubt are hoping that while sales may have slowed down, many people who still have an early model PlayStation 4 may be looking to upgrade to the PlayStation 4 Pro at some point.

There is still a lot of life left in this hardware just yet and developers can surely make games that look even better than what we have right now. It is crazy to think how good games could look on future hardware with how good they already look on the PlayStation 4.

Do you guys think that all these chips being produced are an indication that the PlayStation 5 is closer than we think?

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