Is The Overwatch League Going To Be All Rules And No Fun?

Is The Overwatch League Going To Be All Rules And No Fun?

The Overwatch League could be the next big thing in the world of ESports, I have been following the pre-season very closely and I am really excited for the league to start next month. Blizzard clearly have high hopes for this and as a result, they are taking this league very serious, some might say too serious as there have been four players (that I know of) who have felt the wrath of Blizzard for their actions.

Blizzard has said that as these are pro gamers, they need to behave in a certain way, kind of like how the NBA will fine a player or suspend them if they act in an improper manner. Blizzard so far has wasted no time in dishing out fines and suspensions for what they deem to be inappropriate behavior such as Félix “xQc” Lengyel, who basically lost his mind and started throwing games while on a stream! 

Another one that I felt was a little harsh was Su-min “Sado” Kim who is part of the Philadelphia Fusion team. He was found guilty of playing for pay, people could pay him to use their own Overwatch accounts so that he could level them up. This is against the rules, but his reasons for doing so were to make a bit extra money so that he could help his family out. I know this was against the rules, but Blizzard could have at least heard him out and realizes what his circumstances are.

I am very excited for the Overwatch League, but I must admit that I am a little concerned that Blizzard is going to be very strict. I know that we cannot have people throwing a fit, cursing and kicking stuff at an event of this size, but I do hope that they let the players personalities shine at least a little bit. 

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