Is Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Too Late?

Is Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Too Late?

Let me start by saying I have been playing Street Fighter now for at least 25 years. I started playing the game in the arcades and then begged my mum and dad for the game for my Super Nintendo for Christmas of 1992 and I have never looked back. I have played every release, watched the live action movie in the theatre and bought a ton of merch…. I love Street Fighter.

Then came Street Fighter V!

Look from a gameplay point of view, Street Fighter V was awesome. It was fun to play, it was actually pretty easy to pick up and learn the basics, but hard to master. The problem with Street Fighter V was that first year was just so barren. The game offered nothing to do outside of online mode, it has been talked about to death, but how does it take 2 years to add an arcade mode to a fighting game when arcade mode was what this series was all about for over 20 years?

The story mode they added was actually pretty fun and the way they have added characters has been fine with me. But the way Street Fighter V was released left a real sour taste in my mouth. This was a game that I paid full price for (£45 here in the UK) and it felt like all I got was a beta. 

I think that the stuff they are adding in Street Fighter V Arcade Edition is great, you get all the characters and finally, they are adding an arcade mode! But this is coming after many of us have spent a ton of time with Injustice 2. Just look at all the content that was packed onto the retail disc of Injustice 2! It still eclipses what Street Fighter V Arcade Edition offers.

As the update to Arcade Edition is free, I will give it a download, but I feel that it is too little too late. Had Street Fighter V launched with a basic arcade mode in the first place then I think the game would be much more fondly thought of. 

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