Is Sony Skipping E3 To Focus On PS5?

Is Sony Skipping E3 To Focus On PS5?

Even if you just have a passing interest in video games you would have picked up on the huge news that Sony is skipping next year’s E3.

For years, E3 was the go-to show for game companies to showcase all their cool stuff. Over the last few years, E3 while still, fun has lost some of that huge appeal. Also, it was costing companies (like Sony) more and more to put on a huge display and show. Sony has decided that enough is enough and they will not be showing off anything at E3.

What is most surprising is that they are not just having a huge stage show, but they are not having a presence on the floor either. Sony is 100 percent skipping the whole show.

One huge rumor and one that actually makes a whole lot of sense. Is that Sony is skipping out on E3 2019 in order to keep working hard on their PlayStation 5. It has been speculated that Sony is going to have their own event, their PlayStation Experience event in 2019 where the PlayStation 5 will be fully unveiled along with a bunch of new games.

Nintendo has had great success with their Nintendo Directs and it has shown that you do not have to be showcasing something “live” in order for it to make a big impact. Sony skipping out on E3 could very well open the floodgates for some of the other big companies to decide that it is not worth the time or money to put on a booth or show at E3.

The PlayStation 5 is said to be a monster by those studios who have been lucky enough to get their dev kits so it is very exciting to think what the PS5 could be when it is revealed.

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