Is Paying For Online Gaming Worth It?

Is Paying For Online Gaming Worth It?

As I write this, I am currently a PlayStation Plus and a Xbox Live Gold Member that is the better part of £15 a month that I am paying on top of what else I spend on video games. I have been thinking the last few months about cutting the cord on both these services as I have often found myself questioning why do I pay for these services each month?

Xbox Live

I have been an Xbox Live member for over ten years now and if I am honest a lot of this time, I have been paying for the service, purely as a habit. I cannot remember the last Xbox game that I spent a lot of time with online, I think it was Halo 5 and that game is the better part of two years old right now. I have played some of the Games With Gold that they have dished out since they started doing that. I can tell you that I spent a lot of time with WWE 2K16, Tomb Raider and The Walking Dead on Xbox One, not to mention the other Xbox 360 games that were part of this service. But in all honesty, there are far more games that I do not bother to play or I am just not interested in.

I think if anything, Xbox Live is certainly going to be the one to go. I have weighed up the pros and cons and I just do not play online games enough or take advantage of the Games With Gold to justify keep paying that monthly subscription.

PlayStation Plus

The PS3 offering free online gaming back in the day was huge. But Sony wanted some of that monthly subscription money so they started PlayStation Plus. I could not have been any less interested in PlayStation Plus when it was announced, but one month (this must have been at least five years ago now) a magazine here in the UK called Games Master offered a free month trial to PS Plus. This trial included the games, Bioshock 2 and Mortal Kombat so I thought I would give it a try. In the PlayStation 3 days, PlayStation Plus really knocked it out of the park with the games they were giving people. Bioshock Infinite, Sleeping Dogs, DMC, and Catherine are just a few of the games I really enjoyed. I actually felt like I was getting my money’s worth each and every month.

When the PlayStation 4 was released, Sony said a PS Plus subscription would be required for online gaming. I already had my PlayStation 3 subscription so I was not bothered. But as the years have gone on I have noticed some cracks in the PlayStation Plus service. To start with the games on PlayStation 4 for me personally have not been as good as they were on the PS3. Outlast, Until Dawn, Just Cause 3, Injustice and Saints Row are the only ones that really grabbed my attention. The rest were indie games which I would play once and then never again. Add to this, I really do not play many, if any games online these days. Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare was the last online game I spent a lot of time with.

I think for me the best option is to cancel both services and just subscribe to them on a month by month basis. Get my card details off there, turn off the instant renewal and just subscribe when I am interested in a game that is offered or if there is a game I actually want

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