Is Fortnite Going To Offer PS4 vs Xbox One Matches?

Is Fortnite Going To Offer PS4 vs Xbox One Matches?

Like many of you guys reading this, I have been hooked on Fortnite the last few months. Fortnite Battle Royal has been a monster of a hit and I am so into it that I actually play it on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

The boss of Xbox, Phil Spencer has spoken out that he would love to see cross platform play for Fortnite. He really goes into it, talking about how this lack of cross platform play is kind of holding the industry back and in many ways I have to agree. It would be awesome (and so much easier to find games) if everyone, no matter the platform could play together. 

Now many games do offer cross platform play, but it is never between PlayStation and Xbox. To be fair, most of the noise in this regard is coming from Xbox, but you have to wonder if Xbox would be all about cross platform play if they were the ones who were leading the market in console sales?

It is said that number one never concerns themselves with what number 2 is doing. Perhaps that is the case here with Sony and Microsoft, while Xbox has done great in pulling things around the last few years. There is no doubt that PlayStation 4 shot off to a huge lead and perhaps, PlayStation simply does not feel that they need cross platform play as they are the top dog in console gaming. 

I think it would be great and if Phil Spencer can go to Sony and somehow make cross platform play happen it would be awesome. Image how much more heated it would be in the online community if you had a team of PlayStation users going head to head with Xbox users! 

With Fortnite being as popular as it is, perhaps this could be the game that will get Sony to lower their guard a little and be more open to cross platform play.

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