Is Call Of Duty Battle Royale Coming To The Nintendo Switch?

Is Call Of Duty Battle Royale Coming To The Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is a runaway success, the console is awesome and as awesome as it is, I do not think anyone could have predicted the runaway success that it has had. It has had one of the strongest first years in terms of games that I can think of, but there is one genre that is really lacking and that is first person shooters.

Yes there is Doom and it is made very well and a lot of fun to play, but apart from that, there is no huge first person shooter experience on the Nintendo Switch. Many of us have been speculating that Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII will be coming to the Nintendo Switch and over the last week there has been a rumor that is catching fire and that is that Black Ops IIII may be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but not like it is on the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

Some places are speculating that the Battle Royale mode that Activision is playing with, in their Call Of Duty Online, could be what comes to the Nintendo Switch. I think this could be a good idea. There is no proper first person shooter on the console so bringing one that not only offers the first person shooter experience, but also the Battle Royale craze is sure to be a slam dunk…… but that is not what I am reading! Some of these “sources” are saying that it could be the Battle Royale mode and the Battle Royale mode only that show up on the Nintendo Switch!

I think this would be a huge mistake. I get that Treyarch may not be able to have Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII be the exact same game on the Nintendo Switch as it is on the more powerful consoles. But have fewer players, muddy up those textures, just make it work!

I honestly think that even with all the big games that Nintendo have planned for the Switch this year, Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII with all its multiplayer modes and the Battle Royale mode would be one of the biggest sellers in 2018 on the console.

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