Introducing The PlayStation Classic!

Introducing The PlayStation Classic!

Now, this came out of nowhere and blew me away, but Sony is getting in on the mini-console craze with Nintendo by giving us the PlayStation Classic this December. 

Priced at 99 bucks or 90 UK pounds the PlayStation Classic is scheduled for release on December 3rd. It is going to have 20 games built into it, two controllers and of course HDMI out so it can connect to a modern TV. 

This thing looks awesome, it is under half the size of an original PlayStation and it is powered via USB so maybe it can be hacked like the NES and SNES Classic so that more games can be added. Speaking of games, we only know what five of them are so far. 

Final Fantasy VII

Tekken 3

Ridge Racer Type 4

Wild Arms

Jumping Flash 

These are the five that have been announced. Here in the UK, this thing is rated 18. So that could mean that Resident Evil is going to be part of this which would be great. PlayStation had many 18 rated games here in the UK, but I would bet that Resident Evil would be one that is added to the PlayStation Classic, my guess would be the second one. I also have a feeling that we can expect to see a Gran Turismo, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and Ape Escape game for the system. 

I think this is a fantastic deal and Sony are sure to sell a ton of these this holiday season. I do though kind of wish that they could have thrown in a couple of Dual Shock controllers, but maybe these will be something we can buy later. 

The announcement of the PlayStation Classic was not something I was expecting and I for one think it is great and I have pre-ordered already! 

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