How to Choose the Best Thermal Paste in 2018?

How to Choose the Best Thermal Paste in 2018?

As an enthusiastic gamer, it is really important to have your gaming PC perform to the best of its abilities. However, the performance can drastically slow down because of overheating issues and it becomes really important to take care of it in the best possible manner. One of the ways to do it is through the use of thermal paste which is a really good solution for overheating issues. But, how to choose the best thermal paste in 2018?

What are the attributes that make a great thermal paste that will prevent your system from overheating?

To answer these questions - we have covered every aspect you need to know in order to make a well informed choice while going for a good thermal paste in the market!

So, without any delay - let’s get started.

A good thermal has certain characteristics and now we would go through each one of them!

1. Application Process

Depending on the type of thermal paste, the difficulty of its application varies. For advanced and high performing thermal pastes, you might find it hard to apply. In this scenario, either take help from an expert or choose a thermal paste that is easy to apply.

2. Electrical Conductivity

Thermal pastes which are not electrically conductive do not damage the computer parts in case of spillage. Hence, you should always know whether a thermal paste is electrically conductive or not.

The thermal pastes which are electrically conductive have the potential to harm the motherboard in case of spillage and hence require a more experienced hand while application.

3. Lifespan

Lifespan of a thermal paste is the time duration through which it can perform really well without causing any overheating issues. So, before you buy a thermal paste for your computer - you should be aware of the its lifespan.

This will enable you to set a reminder for yourself and apply thermal paste once again when needed.

4. Composition

Composition plays an important role in the performance of a thermal paste. Moreover, certain ingredients that constitute a thermal paste might require you to have some extra precautionary measures.

For example, gallium based mixture in Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra Thermal Paste Compound requires you to keep it away from parts made of Aluminum.

The ingredients of thermal paste are one of the most important factors that define its performance. Hence, we highly suggest you to pay close attention while choosing a thermal paste for your computer.

5. Compatibility

Compatibility of thermal paste with the type of cooling system you are using is very important!

For example, there are some thermal pastes which are not compatible with liquid nitrogen cooling systems and then there are others which are not compatible with compressor-based cooling systems. Some like Coollaboratory Liquid Pro are not compatible with both. This is because of their composition which makes the contained metal i.e. gallium in the thermal paste to solidify and expand. Hence, it’s rendered useless.

So, before purchasing a thermal you should be sure about the type of cooling system you use and which thermal paste would be most appropriate for it.

In a nutshell, the choice of a good thermal paste is highly dependent on your equipment, expertise, budget and performance expectations. So, have a clear idea of each before deciding the final product.

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