How Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting works

How Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting works

Betting on items is nothing new, it's something that casino's and gamblers do on a regular basis. Merging gaming with betting is also nothing new but recently, its caused a wave of controversy and it's been brought into the media spotlight. Valve has been cracking down on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) betting websites after it was revealed that certain websites are allowing underage people onto their websites. As a result, several websites have been forced to close and other have changed their policy to ensure they can stay open.

What is CS:GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular PC games around. It's potentially the most well-known PC game in current existence and it reaches over 500,000 players every day. CSGO is also one of the most popular games for video game betting sites also due to the incredibly popularity of the game. The Steam platform allows players to sell their unwanted in-game items and cards obtained by playing games. Due to the popularity of the game, there are many different weapon skins available for this game which can be traded or sold for Steam credit. Some skins are worth hundreds of dollars while others are worth considerably less. CSGO is also a popular eSports game with various major tournaments taking placed every year which reward players with money and in-game goodies.

How does betting work?

Online betting for CSGO can work in several ways but the most popular is skin betting. Players create an account with the third-party betting website then link their Steam accounts to them so that they can upload their skins to the website. These skins can then be used to bet for different things.
Betting with skins works in a fashion similar to betting with credits on other online betting websites. Each website has different types of casino games available for players to bet their skin on however, they each work in the same way. The winner takes all of the skins and has them all transferred to their Steam account. These skins can then be placed back in for more casino games or sold on the Steam marketplace for store credit.

Away from skin betting, it's also possible to place bets on eSport tournaments. This works in a fashion similar to physical sports where viewers place bets on what will happen in the game. If they're correct, they're given a specific number of money or skins back. These websites can trade in both skins and money.

Betting websites - CSBets

Not all websites that engage in CSGO betting are safe to use. Some of them scam players out of their skins and money while others are balanced towards the 'house'. This isn't how every website operates however and there are plenty of legitimate ones available for players to bet on.
Finding the right gambling website can be difficult, especially for first time gamblers but luckily there's a solution.
CSBets is a CSGO gambling hub. The website lists over 30 different legitimate websites that are perfect for itching that gambling need. It also contains a list of free gambling websites that allow players to take part in casino games without needing to risk any money or skins.
It's a great website for CSGO gamblers of all experience levels and contains a wide variation of different types of websites. There's a long list of classic skin gambling websites, eSport match betting websites and more.
While CSGO gambling can be dangerous at times, there are websites such as CSBets which help make it a safer experience. Websites such as this one also list the more realistic free casino game websites also which is perfect for people looking to gamble without risking any of their items or cash.

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