Having A Feel Good Ending In A Video Game

Having A Feel Good Ending In A Video Game

Ok so lately, I have been playing (very slowly I might add) through Uncharted The Lost Legacy and as a huge fan of the Uncharted series I am having a great time. While I have not got to the end yet, it has made me remember my time with Uncharted 4 and the other Uncharted games and how they did one thing better than any other game does and that is have an actual feel good ending.

The ending of Nathan Drake’s saga in Uncharted 4 could not have been any more perfect. After facing death a million times, Naughty Dog lets him ride off into the sunset with Elena, a daughter, and even his brother and Sully… everyone lived! There was no shock value ending, no “leaving it up to players imagination” just good story telling that made you feel like all the time you spent looking for treasure, killing mercenaries and even monsters worth it.

To me, the Uncharted series is one of the very best examples of how to do a feel good ending right.

The reason I say this is that far too many games will end with some kind of “deep” ending where it is left up to your own mind or there is some kind of twist where the hero does not win. Hey, 10,15 years ago this kind of thing was edgy and different. But now, the twist ending and the hero not winning are so overdone. It is at the point where I expect there to be something screwing in an ending and I am more surprised if things just end happily. Do not get me wrong. A good twist ending or even an ending where everything goes to hell can be very rewarding and make you think.

But I still think there is a place in gaming for endings that just wrap everything up nicely and give you some real closure like the Uncharted series has done.

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