Has The Retro Gaming Bubble Burst?

Has The Retro Gaming Bubble Burst?

Ok so the title of my blog post today is kind of ironic as I have a game room full of games… as well as an attic with boxes of games that will not fit in my current set up, much to the annoyance of my wife, “why do you keep buying this stuff if it just ends up in a box in the attic?” is a question I hear a lot, but the last, I would say two years for me has seen my love for collecting retro games really start to dwindle and I think I have a few reasons as to why.

The Thrill Of The Hunt Is Starting To Go

Long gone are the days when I could go to a car boot sale (like a giant UK flea market) or go to a charity shop (UK version of a thrift store) and find some retro games and find them at reasonable prices. It seems like everyone these days thinks they have gold when they find their old Sega Mega Drive with a copy of Sonic The Hedgehog and Road Rash. There are still deals to be found, but it is so much harder to do so these days and while some may say “just look harder” that is not always possible depending on where you live. Do not get me wrong each car boot sale season I will head out, but finding deals here is getting harder and harder. The best deals I get these days are actually at gaming conventions!

There Is Only So Much Stuff!

This is a more personal reason, but the fact is, I have been lucky enough that I have been hardcore collecting games since around 2002. So much of the Super Nintendo, NES, Master System and Mega Drive stuff I got, I got when no one really wanted it. The downside to this is that I have managed to get most of the games I actually wanted to play already. As I said in the opening, I only have so much room and my game room is bursting at the seams as it is, so much so a lot of my collection is boxed away in the attic.

Emulation Is Getting Easier And Easier

Blasphemy!!!! Some of your will be saying, but the fact of the matter is there is a ton of plug and play systems these days. Especially Sega Mega Drive and Sega Master System along with Atari. Then, of course, you have those Raspberry Pi things as well! It has never been easier for someone to play the games that they grew up with and I think for some that takes that desire to go out and hunt for a SNES or a Sega Mega Drive away. Most hardcore collectors will insist on only playing on the official hardware, but I think we are actually in the minority.

Getting Old Takes Away Your Time

I will be honest and say that getting games I grew up with or games I wished I had as a kid was a huge part of why I started collecting older games. But as you get older, have a full time job, a wife and kids. You find that your free time is less and less. This means you have to be more selective with the kind of games you play and I am not starting a debate on if modern games are better than retro. But when I pay full price for a game like Uncharted 4 or Resident Evil VII then I am going to make sure that game gets the most of my gaming time. It ultimately makes me much more selective with the games I buy.

So these are just a few of the reasons why my retro game collecting (which does still happen by the way) is not as intense or even as much fun as it was a few years back. I can still have a blast hunting for deals and gems at a convention. But my days of out in the wild retro game hunting seem to be coming to an end. I would love to know if any of you guys have started slowing down on your game collecting or even if you have stopped all together.

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