GTA V Online new updates and what is adds in

GTA V Online new updates and what is adds in

The latest update for GTA V Online is out and it brings a variety of new features, cars, over the top stunts and races to the game. If you don't have GTA V already remember that you can get it for free at
The new updates is called Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit and adds 20 new stunt races that are made to be played with the more unique cars in the game like the Rocket Voltic, Ruiner 2000, and Blazer Aqua cars.

As you can tell by the trailer above the races look completely over the top, with some race courses being set in the sky, water and even more insane places. For racing in the sky you’ll require a specific car that is equipped with parachute whereas in the Blazer Aqua race you’ll slide through the water and enjoy racing on the waves with amphibious vehicles. But it doesn’t stop there, with the Rocket Voltic ride – which has a rocket on its back – you’ll race down the rainbow road (yes, that rainbow road). Besides the crazy new races, the new updates adds a variety of new content which includes the exotic new Progen GP1.

You can buy the Progen GP1 from the Legendary Motorsport. Additionally, with this new updates you can pretty much buy any car for which you had to complete a heist first or had to be a specific rank to buy which include the Rhino, Annihilator, Buzzard, and Dubsta 6x6.
There’s also a sale going on by Rock star from Now through March 22, in which you can save 25 percent on everything listed below.

  • Stilt Houses
  • Penthouse Apartments
  • Progen T20
  • Engine Upgrades
  • Turbo Upgrades
  • Exhausts
  • Spoilers
  • Submachine Guns
  • Body Armor
  • Import/Export Clothing

In the final piece of Rockstar new, the new future updates of GTA V online will soon be getting Creator items such as stunt race props and the ability to create a course for the Special vehicles, along with new crazy classic vehicles and races.

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