Great Games With Even Greater Stories

Great Games With Even Greater Stories

Today I want to talk about story in video games. I grew up when a high score or just getting to the end and beating a boss was the norm in video games. These days though, I want more, I want a story in a game to really blow me away, to really get me invested in the characters and the world I am in. Some games do this better than others and I want to share with you two games that both have a story which really left a strong impression on me. 

Warning There Will Be Spoilers!

  The Last Of Us (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4)

A game so good I bought it twice! This is Naughty Dog’s masterpiece and I say that as a huge Uncharted fan. I knew going in that The Last Of Us was going to be a fun game, but I was not prepared for the story. You playing as Joel start off looking after your daughter who has been wounded, only for her to end up killed. Once the game fast forwards, you are put in charge of protecting a young girl called Ellie who could very well be the key to saving mankind from this plague.

You go through the game with Ellie as an NPC companion, but each section of the game, the bond between these two characters builds, not just that, but you start to actually care about Ellie. Joel becomes a father figure to her and by the end of the game, you the player are willing to do anything to keep her alive. Joel has to make a very hard decision in the game. Save Ellie or have her life ended, but in doing so potentially find a cure. He chooses the first option and honestly if the game gave you a choice, that is what I would have picked.

  BioShock Infinite (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC)

I love this game so much that I have it on PS3, Xbox 360 and PS4! BioShock Infinite is a masterpiece of a game. It is a brutal and violent first person shooter, but the story is truly immense. One of the best stories that I have ever played through. In this game, you play as Booker DeWitt, a man who is sent to the sky high city of Columbia to bring back a “special” young woman. Once you get there, meet her and see the floating city of Columbia for yourself, you start to realize there is something strange going on and you bond with Elizabeth, the young lady you were sent to get in order to clear your gambling debt.

BioShock Infinite is a great first person shooter. However, Elizabeth accompanies you through most of the game. She can open rifts in time which show you a glimpse of other worlds and in all honesty, it is very hard to get your head around. However, you start to get really attached to Elizabeth and are willing to do anything to keep her safe. BioShock Infinite has a really brutal ending which I will be honest and say that I did not see coming (trying not to spoil it for you guys) it was one of those endings that really stuck with me for a few days and I had a hard time sleeping that night. In over 30 years of playing video games, very few have affected me like the way BioShock Infinite did!


These are two of my favorite stories in games, maybe it is because I am a father myself that I have a tendency to go for stories like this? I would love to know what video game stories have really hooked you over the years in the comments section down below..

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