Great Games That Are Badly Made

Great Games That Are Badly Made

Today I want to talk to you about games that I love, games that have sold a ton of copies, games that are awesome, but games that despite all these things have bugs and issues that many people (myself included) are willing to overlook.

The Walking Dead

I have played through the Walking Dead a few times and just recently I decided I would play through it again on Xbox One as the second season was a Game With Gold. Anyway, Walking Dead Season 2 on Xbox One is a great game, but holy cow does it have problems! To start with the load times are just atrocious, but worse than that are the pauses that happen during the game. An event will happen and the screen will be stuck for like a good five minutes.

Now, this is not just a problem with the Xbox One version of the game. I also had issues with The Walking Dead on the Xbox 360 as well. These issues are annoying as hell, but I still have enjoyed each playthrough of The Walking Dead I have done. Yet I am not the only one who has had problems with The Walking Dead, I have actually read people have had even worse problems with the games than what I encountered. But due to the incredible story and voice acting, we all seem to be able to overlook it.

Bethesda Games

Ok so please put down the pitchforks. I love Bethesda, I really do. But three of the games I have put hours and hours into are Fallout 3, Skyrim and Fallout 4 and very game has had countless issues, bugs, freezes and just damn weird stuff. Now you could argue that this is bound to happen when you make an open world game that is so huge, but how long have Bethesda been making games like this?

They really should have better control over bugs and freezes by now. Again though, we seem to be able to overlook the fact that the majority of Bethesda games ship with bugs in them, sometimes pretty damn bad ones. I had Skyrim on PlayStation 3 when it was first released and it was a nightmare! Bethesda makes great games, but there is no denying that they have many issues.

These are just a few examples of games that I and many others love that have issues and perhaps calling them badly made is a big harsh. But I would love to know what games you love, despite them having issues.

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