Goodbye Nintendo Classic Consoles

Goodbye Nintendo Classic Consoles

I have been a big supporter of the classic console craze that while not started by Nintendo, was kicked off by them with their phenomenal NES Classic Mini. Most of us thought that we would have an N64 Classic by now, but Reggie Fils-Aimé stated in a recent interview that there could be no more Classic Nintendo systems.

The word going around is that once the current stock of the NES and SNES Classic has been sold there will be no new ones. These two systems have sold over 2 million units each, which is very impressive. Even more so when you consider how hard Nintendo made it for people to get these things, especially the NES Classic! As a matter of fact, 2018 is the first holiday season where these are easy to pick up which is just insane to me.

For every bit as horrible as Nintendo were in meeting the demand for their Classic consoles they knocked it out of the park with their design. This should be the blueprint for all future classic consoles (a blueprint Sony clearly did not check out) as they are near on perfect. They have a lot of charm, are easy to use and they represent the console so very well.

Why would Nintendo do this? Well most probably to shift all focus onto the Nintendo Switch. It is pretty hard to get people excited about their mediocre NES library on the Nintendo Switch when they have a dedicated NES Classic on store shelves….. especially when you need next to zero tech know how to hack the thing.

Nintendo wants to sell you their online service and who knows they may even bring back the E-Shop to sell you SNES and N64 games as well. It really sucks that Nintendo has not gone all in with their Classic Consoles, I think the chances of seeing an N64 Mini in the near future are now slim to none. At best I can see us getting one a year or two down the line when Switch sales have dropped considerably and Nintendo need something to bridge the gap to their next console.

If you still have not picked up an NES or SNES Classic, do it sooner than later as Reggie seems to love to give the scalpers a heads up and you can bet they will start hoarding these things once again! Seriously the only people who benefit from Nintendo doing this are the scalpers. I love Nintendo, but they make some very strange decisions sometimes.

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