Get Your Free D.Va Overwatch Look In Nano Cola Challenge

Get Your Free D.Va Overwatch Look In Nano Cola Challenge

I am a huge Overwatch fan and D.Va is my favorite character so having a fun challenge based around D.Va is something that I am all about. The name of this event is the Nano Cola Challenge.

As of writing, this event is going to last for the next 12 days. You have to win 9 games and every 3 games will get you a bit of D.Va loot. The first 3 will get you a spray, second 3 a player icon and the final 3 will get you a really cool and exclusive skin. It has a green, black and blue theme to it and it looks awesome.

If you get lucky like I have and start doing this as you are getting your three loot boxes through the arcade you are killing two birds with one stone. Speaking of the arcade, you do not have to get wins in the arcade mode for them to count towards the Nano Cola Challenge. You can also use the other game modes too like quick play which is pretty cool.

This is not the only D.Va loot that is up for grabs. Overwatch and Twitch have teamed up to offer you special D.Va sprays that are awesome and adorable by watching specific streams. The full list of streams that will earn you these sprays and how many hours you have to watch are featured on the official Overwatch site. As cool as these are I do not think they will be something I make a play for, the loot for playing the game though I am all over!

First, we had the D.Va short that Blizzard posted on YouTube and now we have this fun challenge/event so if you are a D.Va fan you are being well and truly taken care of at the minute.

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