Get Ready For Life Is Strange 2 This September

Get Ready For Life Is Strange 2 This September

I was a latecomer to the original Life Is Strange. I had heard about the game, but I had no interest at all in it if I am being brutally honest. Then one day it was announced as one of the free games with PlayStation Plus and I thought what the hell I would give it a try.

To say I was hooked is an understatement. Playing the role of Max, a young girl at college I was swept up into this mystery of her developing powers that let her mess with time, her reacquaintance with her childhood best friend, a missing person case and just a bunch of asshole classmates that go to her college. 

As a man in his 30’s I never thought I would connect with a character like Max, but I did and the game had me hooked right from the very start. I would compare the first Life Is Strange to the TellTale Walking Dead games…. Only I would say that Life Is Strange does it better. Life Is Strange had a fantastic story, but I felt it offered far more in terms of gameplay as well. 

It was so well written that I have actually only played through the game once. I made the choices I made on pure emotion and I think going back and playing it a second time would cheapen that experience I had. Plus there are some choices no matter how hard I want to see what else could happen that I know I could not force myself to change. 

I was so into Life Is Strange that I pre-ordered the special edition of the prequel, Life Is Strange Before The Storm as soon as it went live and I have to be honest it was not as good. It was not a bad game, but I felt the lack of the supernatural element from the first game really hurt it and in general, the story of Chloe and Rachel did not captivate me the way the story of Max and Chloe did in the first game.

Well, now we know we are getting a sequel and that it is going to once again be a five-part adventure and it will be released on the 27th of September. Apart from that, we do not know anything else about it. Will the game be about Max and Chloe? Will what you did in the first Life Is Strange have any effect on this game? We know nothing about it apart from the fact that it exists and that it is coming this September.

Life Is Strange 2 is a game I am very excited for, even though I was not a huge fan of Before The Storm.

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