Games The Nintendo Switch Needs

Games The Nintendo Switch Needs

Ok so I got a Nintendo Switch on launch. As well as the console I also picked up Zelda and a pro controller…… and then that was it. There was literally nothing (well except Bomberman, but that should have been a 20 bucks download title at the most) at launch that interested me. Well Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is fantastic so I am very happy with my purchase. But while certain games are a shoe in like a new Super Smash Bros and some kind of new Pokemon game. Just down below are some games that I would love to see Nintendo make for the Nintendo Switch.


I am not talking some gimmick Kirby game like Kirby’s Epic Yarn (which was not that bad actually) or Kirby And The Rainbow Curse (which was just god awful) I want a proper Kirby game! The 3DS got two fantastic Kirby games and the other Kirby game for Wii was actually really good as well. I would love Hal to get to work on making a proper Kirby console game at this point I would happily take a collection of the two 3DS games for the Switch.

Nintendo Kart

We all know that Mario Kart 8 as awesome as it looks is just a quick place holder and that a real, new Mario Kart will come out on the Switch. But I think the time has come to ditch the confines of the Mushroom Kingdom and for Nintendo to embrace all their properties. A Nintendo Kart that has characters and tracks from many different franchises would be awesome! It would be like a Super Smash Brothers version of Mario Kart.

A 3D Donkey Kong Game

Look I know that Donkey Kong 64 went a little bit far with the amount of crap it wanted you to collect. But that was a damn fine game and while I have had a blast with the two Donkey Kong Country games that have been released. I would love to see a new 3D Donkey Kong game. We are coming close to 20 years since Donkey Kong 64 so it would be great to see DK and Diddy ( I could not care less about the rest of the DK crew!) in a fun 3D adventure.

Bayonetta 3

I freaking loved Bayonetta and thought 2 was even better. Nintendo paying up to make Bayonetta 2 happen was such a un Nintendo kind of thing to do, but I am really thankful they did. I really, really, really hope that they do it again and make a Bayonetta 3. To be totally honest with you I would even be cool with them bringing out Bayonetta 1 and 2 on the Switch. This would be a good way to see if there was interest in the series and it would give people like me another excuse to play through them again.

And you? What games do you think Nintendo Switch Needs?

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