Fortnite Is About To Take Over The Nintendo Switch

Fortnite Is About To Take Over The Nintendo Switch

With E3 getting closer and closer, more and more leaks are starting to appear. Some material from the showroom where the event is taken place has been leaked and it has shown that Fortnite is on its way to the Nintendo Switch!

Fortnite Battle Royale has already taken over PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, not to mention mobile as well. Now, Epic Games have the Nintendo Switch to take over and I think it is going to be huge. There is currently no other massive 3rd person shooter on the Nintendo Switch like Fortnite. 

I love my Nintendo Switch and think that the lineup of software in the first year has been incredible, but a shooter is the one thing that I felt has really been missing. As well as Battle Royale, it appears that Save The World is also going to be on the Nintendo Switch. So Switch owners are getting the full Fortnite experience.

The Nintendo Switch will be able to handle Fortnite just fine, I have played a lot of it on my iPhone and been more than happy so I am sure the Switch will not have any trouble at all.

One thing that makes the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite very appealing is the possibility of Nintendo allowing the good folks at Epic Games to have some exclusive Nintendo content. We all know people go nuts for Fortnite skins. Well, imagine a Fortnite skin that looks like Mario! Or if they did not want to go that far imagine something like a Yoshi backpack or maybe a Hyrule themed pickax! 

Fortnite already is a goldmine, but if they can get Nintendo on board with some exclusive content, it will go from a goldmine to a diamond mine!

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