Fifa And Its Manager Mode

Fifa And Its Manager Mode

Growing up in the UK as you would expect I am a huge football fan and since the days of the first Fifa on the Sega Mega Drive it has been a game that I have purchased each year without fail. For the most part, EA has done a great job with the series. In 2004 (or it may have been 2005) they added a manager mode and since then this is the main reason I play the game.

Manager mode is exactly what it sounds like. You pick one of the teams and then you start on a journey to see how well you can do. As the years have gone on, manager mode has become more and more in depth. You need to train players, buy new ones, sell others, keep players happy, keep the board happy all the while trying to be as successful as you can.

This is a mode that I put hundreds of hours into each year and it is what I spend most of my time with Fifa doing. You can start as a lower team and hope to take them to glory. Or you can go right in with one of the big clubs at the start, have a huge budget to play with and go straight for the throat. The manager mode in Fifa allows you to play it any way you want.

It is not all sunshine and rainbows in manager mode though. Since the mode was first introduced well over a decade ago, it has been a mode that can crash. You will go to load a match, a training session or something and the game will just lock up. The first time this happened to me was in Fifa 2005, I was 6 years into my career and then it was all gone, I had to restart the game. I am bringing this up as I am in the second year of my Fifa 19 manager mode and it has happened again!!!!!

Over the years I have learned to have multiple save files so while you may have to go back to a few matches before, it can sometimes help and the game will get past the bit it has locked up on.

Manager mode is so addictive. It is pretty amazing at how invested you get, but when you look for a new job and you see the squad as well as the transfer budget a new club is offering it can be very tempting to see if the grass is greener on the other side.

While most folks go into Fifa these days for the Fifa Ultimate Team mode, I am and always will be all about the manager mod.

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