Fifa 19 Thoughts And Opinions

Fifa 19 Thoughts And Opinions

Like millions of other gamers, I have spent most of this weekend getting acquainted with a little lady called Fifa 19. I have been a fan of the Fifa series since the original on the Sega Mega Drive and it is one of the annual games I pick up every year without fail. I thought I would share my early thoughts on Fifa 19 with you guys. 

Let me start by saying that I do not play FUT. I spend my year with each Fifa game deep in the career mode and in the case of the last couple of years the story mode The Journey.

Let’s start with The Journey. I do not want to give any spoilers here, but I think this is the best installment yet. Once again you need to guide Alex Hunter on his footballing journey (and a couple other familiar faces as well) and it is very well written, the voice acting is great and you genuinely do care about Alex, Kim and Danny and what happens to them not just in their career, but as people as well.

The Journey is the kind of thing that when it was first announced I thought was dumb. Now though, I look forward to it each year. It should not work, but EA Sports have done such a great job with it that they really do not get the credit they deserve.

Now let’s talk about career mode. I had a lot of fun with career mode last year which is good because from what I can tell no changes have been made at all! Now granted I am only a couple of months in my first season as manager of Glasgow Rangers, but the presentation the way everything is laid out and literally, everything feels the same as it did last year. Fifa 18 had a great career mode, but the deeper you got into it, some issues started to creep up. Most notably selling some of your players, having their “transfer talks break down” was always a huge pain in the rear end. I really hope this issue is not going to come and bite me in the butt. However, with how similar it is to last year I am not holding my breath.

The elephant in the room for Fifa 19 is the new timed finishing controls. This is a bit of a game changer when it comes to shooting. Fifa has had the same shooting controls for the last few games so getting used to this new way of shooting was brutal. I actually hated it at first! However, I have now gotten used to it and you can score some truly breathtaking goals. 

So far so good for Fifa 19. I do think that a couple of things need a little work (corners for example) but these are sure to follow. If you liked the previous year’s Fifa then you will like this. Just be willing to put in the work to learn the new shooting controls. 

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