Fifa 19 Coming Later This Week

Fifa 19 Coming Later This Week

As I am from the UK, I am a huge football fan and later this week I will make the annual pilgrimage to one of my local stores to pick up this year’s Fifa offering.

I have heard that some stores have already broken the street date for Fifa 19. Trust me I have tried, but nowhere near me has it or if they do they are sure as hell not willing to break the street date. I thought that Fifa 18 was fantastic, as was 16, 15, 14 and so on. 

EA have really done an amazing job with the Fifa games. I have been playing them since the first one on the Sega Mega Drive and while you could argue there was a period, Fifa 96 and 97 that it was like they were struggling. For me the over the last decade at least, Fifa has been the premier football game.

In all honesty, as far as on the pitch goes, Fifa 19 does not need to reinvent the wheel. There does not need to be any major changes. For me, the main things I am hopeful for are the final part of The Journey. This is the story mode that Fifa introduced in Fifa 17 where you play as Alex Hunter. Footballer prodigy looking to make his mark on the world. Fifa 18 saw you get to play as his sister and also his buddy, Danny and Fifa 19 is doing the same. 

A story mode in a sports game should not work, but it does work and it is something I am looking very forward to. I also hope that they make some changes to manager mode. This is the mode that keeps me occupied all year round and above all else the one thing I want in this mode. Is the ability to leave your club and join a new one at the start of a season, not mid-way through.

So while Fifa 19 may be a game that some people roll their eyes at. I and millions of other people will be ready for it when it is released later this week. 

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