Fifa 18 To Get Free World Cup Update

Fifa 18 To Get Free World Cup Update

People love to hate on the annual Fifa game, but this is a series I have been playing since the very first game was released on the Sega Mega Drive! The series is the premier football (sorry, soccer!) game and it has gotten to the point where EA have really perfected the formula.

EA in the past has released games based on the World Cup and the European Championships. The first game they did in this style was World Cup 98 for the PlayStation and the Nintendo 64. Since then each tournament has had its own game, to be fair, EA would put a lot of effort into these and in all honesty, they did as much as they could with a game based on a tournament that only lasted a few weeks.

The 2018 World Cup is really close and instead of making us buy a brand new game, EA is making an update to the game that is going to put the World Cup in the game. New kits, new stadiums, and authentic graphics as well. You can even tweak the tournament adding teams into it who did not qualify. The last World Cup game released in 2014 also lets you play out the qualification process, so it will be interesting to see if that is included in this update.

You would have to think that this is going to shift a few more copies of Fifa 18 and maybe even get people who have already bought the game and traded it in, to buy it again. I am pretty excited for this and will certainly give the World Cup at least one play through. The thing with the World Cup game was that they only had a shelf life of a few weeks, once the World Cup was over, the games were basically worth nothing at all! 

So it is good to see that instead of making us buy a whole new game, we are getting this as an update and a free update at that. The cynic in me is thinking that as cool as this is, this is a PR move to try and shine a little light on EA after the Death Star size shadow Battlefront II cast on the company. 

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