Even EA Are Slashing The Price Of Battlefield V!

Even EA Are Slashing The Price Of Battlefield V!

If you have Battlefield 1 you may have noticed that when you turned it on the last few days you were greeted with a special message from EA themselves. This message is informing you that until the 20th of December you can purchase Battlefield 1 for 50 percent off!

This actually happened a little after a week after the game was officially launched. Many retailers noticed that Battlefield V, despite being a huge title was not flying off store shelves and slashed the prices. It is a similar thing as to what happened o Fallout 76. Anyway many felt that this could be just a “Black Friday” thing, but that was not the case as most stores have still heavily discounted Battlefield V.

With EA now officially slashing the price but 50 percent they really must be worried about how Battlefield V is performing this holiday season for them to offer such a huge discount so soon after release. This discount is for both the standard and deluxe edition of the game. As of right now, the offer is only confirmed as being on Xbox One, but PS4 users have also said that it has appeared.

What does this mean for the future of Battlefield? To be fair Battlefield V is a really solid game. It has a fun story mode, great multiplayer and it does have a Battle Royale mode coming early next year. The problem is that first of all the beta was not exactly the greatest thing ever, then EA messed people around with their three different release dates. Worst of all though was that EA got the release date completely wrong and released Battlefield V during the hottest window of huge game titles the industry had seen in quite some time.

Honestly, at half price Battlefield V is a steal and well worth checking out you are certainly getting a lot of value for your money with this offer.

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