Early Thoughts On Overwatch Year Of The Dog DLC

Early Thoughts On Overwatch Year Of The Dog DLC

So yesterday I previewed the Year Of The Dog Overwatch event, well I have now spent a couple of hours with it and wanted to share my thoughts on it. 

To start with, we all get a free loot box right off the bat. Now I play Overwatch on Xbox One, my son plays it on PlayStation 4, we both got one of the new Lunar Event Skins in our free loot boxes so hopefully, Blizzard is giving everyone a Lunar Event Skin with this first loot box. I got Reinhardt and he got Anna. I think the best Overwatch Year Of The Dog skin is Genji, they have made him look even more badass!

I have played around ten games of Ayutthaya Capture The Flag and really enjoyed the mode so far. The Ayutthaya map is actually quite small, but this works in favor of the Capture The Flag mode, it makes the mode very offensive and balls to the wall. You at first think that you just need to go for it, I learned that this is the wrong approach and you have to have some people playing defense to stand the best chance of survival. Despite the small map and the rather short game time, there is a lot of strategy here.

For example, I was playing as D.Va and using her boost ability (LB on Xbox One) she can nearly make it all the way to the opposing teams flag. Now you would think, arrive there shoot some people, wait for the ability to cool down, pick up the flag and boost back. However, you cannot as certain abilities make you drop the flag! I think this is a very nice touch and it works even better in theory than it does in practice. It makes you really think about what you do. I decided that I would play a more defensive role.

So I would use my rockets from long range to cover the players going for the flag. One tip I have for those of you playing as D.Va is that when you are on the last flag, boost to your teammate who has it and walk directly behind them. It does not matter if you get shot, you are giving them cover so that they can make it back.

I really enjoy Capture The Flag and I am surprised at how deep the gameplay in this mode it. I know at first glance the size of the Ayutthaya map may make it seem disappointing, but the mode is a lot of fun. I would love to know what you guys thoughts on the Overwatch Year Of The Dog event are. 

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