Early Thoughts On Kingdom Hearts III

Early Thoughts On Kingdom Hearts III

I really thought this day would never come or at the very least I thought the game would get put back again! Well, Square-Enix kept their word and now gamers all over the world can enjoy Kingdom Hearts III.

I picked up the Xbox One version and I was happy to see that while of course it had a day one patch. This was only a couple of GB so it did not take that long. To be honest with how long this thing has been in development you could argue there should have been no update needed!

So far I have only managed to get to the second world. I have enjoyed playing the Hercules Coliseum level. I really like how this is an actual stage this time around and you can go and explore. I went to Traverse Town and now I am playing with Buzz and Woody. This is one of the new levels and so far I have been having a blast. I love the way that Sora, Donald and Goofy look in this level, they actually kind of remind me of those reaction toys that Funko put out.

The story is kind of nuts (and I say this as a long time Kingdom Hearts fan) but I am enjoying what I am experiencing so far. The combat though is what has really blown me away in Kingdom Hearts III. It feels way faster than what I was used to and that is a good thing, the game really wants you to attack more than you defend and I am cool with that.

Another thing that I have really liked is the summons, you can pretty much summon in a theme park attraction to help you out! I cannot wait to see what other summon like attacks I get as I progress more into the game.

While I am only a few hours into Kingdom Hearts III. I am more than happy with what they have done and look forward to playing some more!

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