EA And Their Weird Anthem Release Date Chart!

EA And Their Weird Anthem Release Date Chart!

I talked a while back about how freaking weird the released date was for Battlefield V. Well the folks at EA are at it again and they have this very odd chart of how you can play Anthem!

What happened to the days of hey this game is out on this date, pre order now to play it then or maybe get access to a beta?

For Anthem, EA put out this chart on their Twitter that is full of crosses and ticks about how you can and cannot play Anthem! The chart has 11 ticks and 9 X crosses! It looks like an absolute mess and in all honesty, it really does not simplify how you can play the beat or play the full release at all. Not that it is complicated to understand in the first place.

Why is EA doing this? I thought that it was super weird with Battlefield V and I think that it is super weird with Anthem too! I just do not see the point in this at all, if anything it confuses some people while making others just wonder what is the point?

Clearly, someone in the EA marketing team thinks that gamers have gotten dumb and need charts like this in order to understand how they can play the game. It comes across as really insulting and just a waste of everyone’s time. It will be interesting to see if this is what EA plans to do with all of their future releases.

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