eSports infographic

eSports infographic

It doesn’t matter if you play everyday or if you only do it casually. If you have any kind of contact with the gaming community you must have already heard of a certain someone called “eSports”. The phenomenon started only a few years ago, with the bloom of the competitive online gaming tournaments.

Gaming as a spectators sport started on South Korea, where StarCraft players began to reunite to see the best players play their favorite game.
Nowadays we have dozens of this so called “eSports” being some of the most popular: Dota2, League of Legends and CS:GO.
Blizzard is also trying to enter this universe with their new game, and recent sensation, “Overwatch”.

In fact, it comes to no surprise that companies of all sizes try to take a piece of pie of this industry when it is predictable that video games sports will generate $500 million dollars this year alone!

The gaming community stills growing at a fast and steady pace and so does eSports.
So, with that in mind, here at we decided to create an infographic about this topic.

We hope that you enjoy it and learn something from it.
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eSports Infographic

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