Deus Ex - Microtransactions

Deus Ex - Microtransactions
Various gamers are hitting out against Deus Ex system of microtransactions, something new to the series.

Although the game receive glamorous reviews from the critics, the fans didn't take the game so well with the fact that's the DLC content that came with the pre-order could only be used a single time, no matter how many saves you had and it sparked quite a thread on reddit.

But this only applies to the consumables like Praxis Kits, Ammo, Credits, Crafting Parts, something that always was in the Deus Ex universe and were actually quite scarce with the players often having to make decisions on the upgrades they wanted. However, the Durables as they are called (weapons, skins, augmentations, etc) are available to use as many times as the players want, in as many saves as they want.

All this restrains that are suspected to come from Microsoft and Sony. The community manager for the company that made the game, Eidos Montreal, had this to say "due to first-party constraints" regarding the consumables.

Due to all of this, players are being advices in some forums and websites to redeem their items and save as soon as they can in a separated save in order to use that save should they want to make another run at the game instead of using the New Game option at the main menu. This way, the players can use their one-time use items on several saves.

However, this isn't the only "problem" with the game that left many fans unhappy with the way this was introduced. Players can now buy several consumables from the shop with microtransactions, consumables that sometimes are very hard to find in-game, starting a new "pay-to-win" system in the series and that made some fans rather furious with all of this, specially since it's a single-player game where the "pay-to-win" scenario isn't that relevant.

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