Dead Rising 4 Frank’s Big Package Could Be PS4’s Surprise Holiday Hit

Dead Rising 4 Frank’s Big Package Could Be PS4’s Surprise Holiday Hit

Despite many of the huge blockbuster releases already dropping. 2017 is not done with us yet and December has a few more awesome looking games coming our way. One of which, Dead Rising 4 Franks Big Package, is kind of being ignored.

Dead Rising 4 was already a lot of fun on Xbox One, but this PlayStation 4 version (not sure if Xbox One is getting the extra content) is looking to be something really special. With the PlayStation 4 version, all of the DLC that has been released for Xbox One is included in the package so that alone makes this a great deal.

One cool thing is that Capcom has actually listened to fan feedback and as a result, they have made some technical changes to the game which will make gameplay smoother, better and generally more fun.

The real big draw here though is a brand new mode called Capcom Heroes, to say that this sounds awesome is a major understatement and this mode alone makes Dead Rising 4 Frank’s Big Package something that more people need to be excited about. Capcom Heroes mode sees Frank being able to take the powers of certain Capcom Heroes. We know of Mega Man, Cammy from Street Fighter and Dante from Devil May Cry, but we have a strong feeling that this mode may have some more surprises in store for us.

Dead Rising 4 Frank’s Big Package could be the surprise hit this holiday season and I hope that it does not get lost in the shuffle like so many good games do this time of year. If you are looking for something a little different to play over your Christmas break I strongly suggest that you take a closer look at this. It Is easy to hate Capcom these days, but this right here looks like Capcom at their very best.

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