Crackdown 3 Not Exactly Setting The World On Fire

Crackdown 3 Not Exactly Setting The World On Fire

Crackdown 3 was billed as the first big Xbox One exclusive of 2019 and the first big one since Forza was released many months ago. As good as the Xbox One is, exclusive games are really something that the console has struggled with especially when you look at the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

Many people were excited for Crackdown 3, but so far the early impressions have been rather underwhelming. Both IGN and GameSpot gave the game a 5/10 score. Calling it rather mediocre and not as fun as they would have hoped. Over on Metacritic, it is currently sitting at a score of 60 from 56 critic reviews and it has a 4.0 user rating from over 40 player scores.

No one has come out and said that Crackdown 3 sucks, but underwhelming is the term that is getting thrown around a lot. This is a real shame as this was a game that many Xbox One fans were excited to get their hands on. It was going to be a win for them and finally an exclusive game that they could get really excited about.

Instead it is another misstep and in all honesty, it is reminding me of the lukewarm reception that Sea of Thieves got when that was first released. I am hopeful though that like Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3 can improve in the coming months and become a game that a lot of people really enjoy.

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