Could Super Mario Maker 2 Be On The Way?

Could Super Mario Maker 2 Be On The Way?

There is a lot of buzz floating around that we are very close to getting a new Nintendo Direct. Not just a Direct that is about one game of a couple of games we know are coming out. A full Nintendo Direct that is going to knock peoples socks off.

One of the main rumors that is going around in regards to this Nintendo Direct is that there could be a Super Mario Maker 2! This would be huge and it makes sense. While Nintendo has ported nearly all of the major titles from the Nintendo Wii U. Super Mario Maker would be very hard as the game requires the use of the touch screen so it would not work when the Switch is in docked mode.

Making a whole new Mario Maker from scratch, but using some of those assets would probably be easier in the long run. What to expect from a Super Mario Maker 2? Of course, the easy thing to say is to make 3D Mario games! This would be freaking amazing if Nintendo could pull this off, but it would be so hard to create a game that lets us play around with 3D assets.

If anyone could do it though it would surely be Nintendo. While a new Mario Maker that is more of the same, but with way, more assets would be great. There is no denying that a game that let you make your own Mario 64 levels or actually I could see them doing Mario 3D World/Land as well, would be a huge hit.

Hopefully, the rumors of a new Mario Maker game coming to the Nintendo Switch are true as the first one on both the Wii U and the Switch were huge hits.

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