CoD Black Ops 3 Last DLC

CoD Black Ops 3 Last DLC
Earlier today both publisher and the studio behind Black Ops 3, Activision and Treyarch respectively, have showed us the latest trailer for the final DLC pack for the game.

This pack, that's part of the game's Season Pass will debut first on the PS4 due to the temporary exclusivity that was announced when the game debuted at E3.

The DLC will be out on September 4th and will introduce four new multiplayer maps, named Outlaw, Citadel, Rupture and Micro, like the previous DLCs and the last installment to the zombie saga, Revelations that is supposed to be the big climax of the zombie story that's been followed by fans for 8 years since it's first debut.

Check out the trailer for Revelations right here!

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