Check Out The New Spider-Man Themed PS4

Check Out The New Spider-Man Themed PS4

Man, Sony loves their limited edition consoles. They have really been bringing it big time with their limited edition PlayStation 4’s. This year we have already had the awesome God Of War PlayStation 4 console which I thought was the best looking of their exclusives so far…. Well looks like they have beaten it already.

Shown at San Diego Comic Con, the Spider-Man PlayStation 4 console is a very sexy red and it has the white spider symbol on it. This red suit with the white symbol is what Peter Parker wears in the new PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man game which is coming this September. I am still not sure how much I like the white spider design as I associate that with Venom, but I can tell you that the Spider-Man PS4 looks amazing!

It is a PlayStation 4 Pro and it has a 1TB hard drive. The controller is also red, but from what I can tell there are no special Spider-Man markings on the controller, but the buttons are all white which is pretty cool and does fit with the theme of the console. You also get a copy of Spider-Man. What I think is cool about Sony’s console bundles is that they always give you a physical copy of the game. The bundle also includes a DLC pack called, 

This bundle is currently priced at around $399, but it can be found cheaper if you shop around. The Spider-Man PS4 is being called The Amazing Red by Sony and I think it is their best looking PlayStation 4 yet! 

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