Call Of Duty WWII War Machine DLC!

Call Of Duty WWII War Machine DLC!

I am a huge Call Of Duty fan and I have had a blast with Call Of Duty WWII so far. I would actually go as far to say that the season pass is a bargain as the content that Sledgehammer Games are putting out is excellent value for money. We have already had the first DLC pack, but now details have emerged for the second DLC pack, War Machine. 

There are three new maps being added for the multiplayer mode. The most interesting one for me is Egypt which takes place around Giza and even features the Sphinx! I cannot wait to check this map out. There is also a map based on Dunkirk and what I find interesting about this is that it is a mixture of the beach and also the city so that should be fun to play. Last, but not least is a map called V2 and this is set around a rocket base in a rather rural part of Germany. I love how different each of these maps is.

One of the best things that was added to Call Of Duty WWII was the War Mode. I have spent so much time with this mode, so much that I wish we had more maps than the four we have now. The fourth map was added with the last DLC pack and it is awesome. This one is called Operation Husky and we know that it is going to have aerial dogfighting as part of the mission and that sounds pretty cool. It is going to have to be pretty spectacular to top the train section from the last War Mode mission.

There is also going to be another chapter in the Nazi Zombies saga, called The Shadowed Throne. I have loved this more story focused Zombies mode in Call Of Duty WWII and I am excited to check this out.

The War Machine Call Of Duty WWII DLC drops first on PlayStation 4 on the 10th of April and then on Xbox One and PC around a month later.

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