Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Has Introduced Loot Boxes

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Has Introduced Loot Boxes

I really do think that Black Ops IIII is one of the best Call of Duty games. Treyarch has done a truly amazing job with this game and it is a ton of fun to play. However, we also have the Activision side which is once again got its hand out and asking us players for more money!

In case you did not know, Black Ops IIII has introduced these things called Reserve Crates into the game. These are the games version of loot boxes and I find the whole way they have gone about this disgusting. First of all, it is 200 COD points for one of these and inside it, you get three items.

These items are not just cosmetics, but weapons as well! Not just any weapons, but powerful ones that have an XP boost so they are gameplay changing. To make it even more sleazy as I write this there is no chart or any kind of data dictating on the probability of getting items. Oh and even worse the amount of doubles people are getting is ridiculous!

The fact that you have to pay for the game in the first place and then buy the Black Ops Pass if you want the full experience and then you can pay to move up the Contraband Progression system quicker, you can also pay for Special Orders if you want and there are other little things you can pay for too! When does it stop?

This is just pure greed on their part and I really hope that it does not take off and us fans just say no. By all means, keep playing the game, I will! It is a great game, but this is just a horrible thing they have added to it and I want no part in it.

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