Blizzard Are Giving StarCraft Away For Free!

Blizzard Are Giving StarCraft Away For Free!

A couple of weeks back I was giddy like a school girl at a Backstreet Boys concert (are the Backstreet Boys still a thing?) at the news that Blizzard was releasing StarCraft Remastered. It is actually one of my most wanted games of the year. StarCraft 64 is what got me hooked on the series and even to this day, I love watching Pro StarCraft II tournaments and dream that I could enter and win. Truth be told I would enter, probably get lost on my way to the venue, show up late, then lose. But a man can dream!

To get people interested, Blizzard today (or maybe yesterday or five years from now depending on when you read this) are giving the original StarCraft and its expansions away for free. That is right free, no hidden catch or anything like that, no pay to play or pay to win garbage. Just the full game for the price of a breath of fresh air. I cannot stress how awesome this is and if you want to see what the big deal about Starcraft is then it is well worth downloading. They have it for PC and Mac, I have spent a few hours with the PC version and loved it. I think in all honesty it is not as good as the version I put a hundred plus hours into on the Nintendo 64 or of course, StarCraft II. But the fact this absolute classic is being given away is awesome.

I am actually a pretty big Blizzard fan and it is because of stuff like this. StarCraft has not aged perfectly, but it is still a lot of fun and I am sure that those who have never played the series before will find the setting and story really cool and it will get them pumped up for the remastered version that is coming.
If you are like me and not super into RTS games, please still give StarCraft a try as it really is a lot of fun. Plus it is a full game for free!

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