Blizzard Add Fun New Competitive Mode To Overwatch

Blizzard Add Fun New Competitive Mode To Overwatch

If there is one game that keeps on giving it is Overwatch. They keep coming up with ways to suck you back in. New levels, heroes and of course modes.

Out of nowhere, Blizzard has announced a fun new competitive 6 vs 6 Season that is part of the Arcade Mode. It is going to last until the 7th of May and it is super simple in its concept. The first team to win three matches wins… that is it. The twist is that once you win a match with a particular hero, that hero is then not selectable for the rounds that are left over. If you have played Overwatch, you have no doubt played this mode before. However, having a more competitive edge on it is pretty cool.

Many Overwatch fans have wanted a mode like this added for a long time now and it is certainly something that I will be investing some time into. Even if you are not a competitive Overwatch player, a mode like this is great for you as it is much fairer. It forces players to use heroes that they may not be as skilled with so it does even out the playfield a little bit.

The Overwatch Competitive 6 vs 6 Season is something that is going to be a blast. I only have three (maybe 4 at a real push) heroes that I use. I always use D.VA, then Orisa or Sombra as my second choice, with Soldier 76 being the last resort. So I will have to pick a new character if a game goes down to the wire! I know that some people like to save their mains for the later round, but not me. My style is to pick my best right from the start and try and end things as early as possible.

I would love to know what you other Overwatch fans think about the Overwatch Competitive 6 vs 6 Season and how you plan to approach it.

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